Bar 226ers Neo Bar 45% Protein Dark Chocolate 50gr

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Bar 226ers Neo Bar 45% Protein Chocolate 50gr

It contains essential and branched-chain amino acids that the body cannot produce, but must be present to enable protein assimilation. It also has vitamin B6

Bar 226ers Neo Bar 45% Protein Chocolate 50gr

Each bar contains 25g of protein

It has vitamin B6

Benefits muscle development

Provides a source of energy

Works as a snack

Helps to replenish the body

Neo Bar 50% Protein Bar by 226ers is a nutritious snack that meets your daily protein needs. Renew your vitality and enjoy its delicious taste.

Guarantee your body the amino acids it needs with this easy-to-consume bar with many nutritional benefits.

It will provide you with everything you need for an intense and demanding workout.

It is also an excellent snack for you to indulge yourself and enjoy a delicacy that is usually forbidden, but in this case you can afford because it is really very healthy.

Recommended use: take one about 40 minutes before exercising to delay fatigue. You can also consume one afterwards to promote recovery.

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