Watch Polar Ignite 3 Titanium Silicone Wristband

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Polar Ignite 3 Titanium Watch Silicone Bracelet

Polar Ignite 3 is a stylish Fitness & Wellness Watch that helps you live life with more energy. It tracks your sleep, activity and heart rate to offer advice tailored to your body and lifestyle.



sleep and recovery

Getting a good night's rest is key to coping with the next 24 hours. Knowing how you sleep and how much your body relaxes during the night is vital to making the best decisions the next day.

Nightly Recharge™:

Nightly Recharge™ is the feature that automatically records your nightly recovery and shows you how your body is recovering from daily activities and stress. It helps you make the right decisions in your day to day to improve your general well-being and achieve your training goals.

Your Nightly Recharge™ result is based on two elements: how well you slept (sleep load) and how relaxed your autonomic nervous system (ANS) was during the first few hours of sleep (ANS load).

skin temperature at night

Automatic overnight skin temperature measurement records changes in the skin surface temperature of your wrist while you sleep. Then compare the data to your 28-day reference values to show any deviation from your normal range.


Check the effect of your sleep patterns on your daily attention and energy levels.
SleepWise™ gives you information about your level of daily attention so that you can improve your sleep routine and face the challenges of your day with as much energy as possible.

By taking into account the quantity and quality of your sleep, and your body's internal circadian rhythm, SleepWise™ helps you understand how the effects of sleep stack up over the long term and the impact of sleep deprivation or sleep rhythm irregularity. sleep and wakefulness.


Relax your body and calm your mind with Serene™ guided breathing exercises.

Deep breathing is an easy and effective technique to manage stress, increase your stamina and improve concentration. Serene™ guides you to breathe slowly and regularly to synchronize your heart rate with your breathing rate: the optimal breathing rate to relieve stress from your body is six breaths per minute.

Sleep Plus Stages™

Getting enough quality sleep is essential for health and well-being. When you sleep, your body goes through various sleep cycles consisting of three phases of sleep: light, deep, and REM.

Sleep Plus Stages™ automatically records the quantity and quality of your sleep, and shows you the time you spent in each stage during the night.

Analyzing your sleep can help you understand your long-term sleep patterns and identify factors in your day-to-day life that negatively affect your sleep.


training and activity

Regular training and exercise can have a positive impact on health and well-being. Exercise will not only make you feel good physically, but it can also improve your mental health, reduce stress, improve your mood and improve your rest hours.


The FitSpark™ training guide offers personalized training plans based on your recovery, fitness and training history.

Receive new cardio, strength or mobility training suggestions every day directly on your watch. You just have to choose a session and let the clock guide you.

Activity recording 24/7

Our body is designed to move. Staying active is essential to our overall health and well-being.

Polar watches help you lead an active life by letting you set a daily activity goal based on your personal data and activity level, with automatic tracking of your daily activity. If you haven't moved for a while, you'll receive a reminder to get up and get going. Your daily activity goal will be displayed as a circle, which will gradually fill up to 100% when you reach your goal.

smart calories

Calculate calories burned based on your individual data: weight, height, age, gender, HR max, HR at rest, VO2max and the intensity of your training/activity.

Heart rate based calorie calculation is used when measuring heart rate, and is the most accurate measure of calories burned also in conditions such as cycling or weight lifting. Activity-based calorie calculation is used in training and activity devices when heart rate is not available. You can see the accumulated energy expenditure (in kilocalories, kcal) during the exercise and the total kilocalories of the training session after the exercise. You can also track your total daily calories.

Energy sources

Find out how much of each energy source your body uses when training, broken down into fat, carbohydrates and protein, and represented as a percentage of your total calorie intake at the end of your session.

Viewing the consumption of each energy source during your training session allows you to learn how different intensities affect your energy use. In addition, you can also see how the main source of energy changes during a long session.

fitness test

Your VO2max consumption is essential to know your aerobic fitness: the better your aerobic capacity, the stronger and more efficient your heart is.

Fitness Test is a simple 5-minute test that you can do lying down to calculate your VO2max without having to use any other equipment. The automatic calculation takes into account your resting heart rate, heart rate variability and your personal data: gender, age, height, weight and training level.

walking test

The Walking Test is a very simple test that you can perform frequently to calculate your aerobic fitness based on your VO2max.

Walk at a fast pace for 15 minutes on a flat surface and the automatic calculation will take into account the distance traveled, your heart rate during the test and your personal data on gender, age, height and weight.

running test

Run at the right level.

With the Running Test you can customize your heart rate, speed and power zones to always run at the ideal pace.

recovery guide

The recovery guide analyzes your heart rate during the effort and rest phases of a session to recommend, in a personalized way, when is the optimal moment to push yourself again.

It's specifically designed for high-intensity strength training, and is perfect for multi-joint exercises and increased endurance. This guide automatically detects your highest heart rate during a set. The algorithm will monitor your heart rate while you rest and alert you when you've recovered enough to start the next set.

  • Curved lens: A truly incredible experience.
  • High resolution AMOLED screen: With more intense and sharp colors.
  • Gorilla Glass 3.0 touchscreen: Extremely tough, yet highly responsive.
  • Quick Access Widgets: Focus on what's important. Customize your views to access the data you want with just a touch of the screen.

  • OHR Precision Prime™ Technology: Your heart always tells the truth .

10 LEDs in different wavelengths that offer greater light penetration, along with 4 receptors that detect the light returning through your blood vessels. More than precision, we are talking about pure accuracy.


Long-lasting battery: Charges in minutes. Duration for several days.

  • Up to 100 hours of training in energy saving mode.
  • Up to 30 hours of training with GPS and heart rate sensor activated.
  • Up to 5 days on a single charge in watch mode.

High-speed CPU: Complex data quickly and easily. A smoother user experience and better features.

  • 2 times more processing speed*
  • 7 times more RAM*

*Compared to Polar Ignite 2

Dual frequency GPS: Find your position wherever you are. More precision and less interference caused by tall buildings and bad weather.

  • 2 times less location errors.

Designed for early risers and those who prefer to stay up all night. With an incredible finish and a choice of interchangeable straps, this watch always looks good, in any situation and on anyone.

Choose a partner: Connect your Polar Ignite 3 with your favorite sports apps.

Polar Flow: Much more than a watch. set yourself new goals plan your workouts and check your progress with all your body data automatically synchronized.


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