Running Glasses Eassun Sprint Grey

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EASSUN Sprint Gray Running Glasses

The Sprint EASSUN glasses renew the brand's collection. These stand out for their photochromic cylindrical lens, which enables a greater panoramic vision, non-slip and water-repellent, and their adaptable nose, which promotes a total customization of the product to the measurements of each nose.

Sprint EASSUN Gathers The Most Indispensable Features For Any Type Of Running.

This accessory is manufactured using a photochromic lens, its corresponding frame and a nosepiece, which is exclusively adapted to the size and singularities of each nose. Its design uses a very effective ventilation system when it comes to preventing the internal fogging of the glass (anti-fog).


  • -CAT 0-3 photochromic glasses

The glass used to make this accessory is photochromic, adapting to the ambient light that exists in each open space. Therefore, the lens will darken more or less automatically depending on the intensity of the light rays in each given situation. Ideal to protect your eyes from possible glare and the subsequent fatigue that these entail.

  • Maximum comfort adaptable nosepiece

This product consists of an adjustable mechanism with which you can mold the accessory specifically to the dimensions offered by each nose. In addition, the possibility of completely individualizing it to your peculiarities optimizes the achievement of excellent comfort. Also, this feature makes it possible for it to be non-slip, since it helps to better fix it.

  • Ventilation system with Airflow® technology

The inclusion of this feature is essential when it comes to having indisputable well-being, since, generally, in this type of product, it is very prone to fogging up its lenses. Taking this problem into account, its design facilitates the use of Airflow® technology, an innovative system of constant ventilation. This persistent aeration of the glass favors that it is an anti-fog lens.

  • Cylindrical lens with panoramic vision

The design implemented in the shape of the glass transcends in obtaining a product that provides a greater angle in the field of vision thanks to its spherical shape. In this way, you will be able to perceive with better clarity all the stimuli that you may come across during a prolonged activity. Likewise, the frame is distinguished by its peripheral cranial curvature, which contributes to making it a completely non-slip accessory, holding onto your head without problems.

Product Details

  • - Type of Glasses: Sunglasses
  • - Type of Lens/s: Photochromic/s
  • - Type of sport: Running
  • - Adaptive Nasal: YES
  • - Ventilation: Airflow® Technology: YES
  • - Weight: 26 gr.
  • - Lens Category: CAT 1-3
  • - Material Lens/s: Polycarbonate
  • - Gender: Unisex
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