Running Glasses Eassun Fartlek Grey

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Eassun Fartlek Gray Running Glasses

Eassun Fartlek glasses have a small peripheral lens, water-repellent and photochromic, its nasal adaptable to the individualized dimensions of each nose and its innovative built-in ventilation system: Airflow® Technology. Light glasses with a net weight of 27 grams.


This model is distinguished by its category 0-3 photochromic glass and the inclusion of a nose piece that can be adapted to the specific measurements of each subject. In addition, this design promotes the manufacture of a completely light product when using it. The benefits of this article are ideal for all those people who practice any discipline of running.

Product characteristics

  • - CAT 0-3 photochromic glasses

The glass used to make this accessory is photochromic, adapting to the ambient light that exists in each open space. What does this mean? The lens will darken more or less automatically depending on the intensity of the light rays in each given situation.

  • - Adaptable nose pad for maximum comfort

This design stands out for the adjustable bridge located in the nose area, adapting to the specific size that each individual has. In this sense, this ability means that they are non-slip, since, in this way, they stick better to you.

  • - Lightweight glasses with a single small lens

Lightness is an indispensable characteristic, because its achievement allows you greater well-being and, consequently, more efficient performance. For this reason, EASSUN has decided to manufacture this accessory from a glass with a reduced size and the absence of a spoiler at the top and bottom. The final result reflects this idea, because it is a light glasses with a net weight of 27 grams.

  • - Small peripheral lens

The tiny magnitudes of the glass and its cylindrical shape provide a great field of vision without neglecting one of the main qualities of the article: its lightness.

  • - Design with innovative built-in ventilation system

One of the most annoying problems that appear when performing any physical exercise is the sweat formed inside the lens, since it can cause the glass to completely fog up. This fact prevents the correct visibility of the athlete to the point of having to interrupt their activity. In this context, EASSUN has developed Airflow® Technology, which, through holes attached to the lens, obstructs the creation of mist, because its shape favors the constant evaporation of sweat.

Product Details

  • - Type of Glasses: Sunglasses
  • - Type of Lens/s: Photochromic/s
  • - Type of sport: Running
  • - Adaptive Nasal: YES
  • - Ventilation: Airflow® Technology: YES
  • - Weight: 27 gr.
  • - Material Lens/s: Polycarbonate
  • - Age: Adult
  • - Gender: Unisex

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