Bib Shorts Q36.5 Salopette Dottore Clima Long Black

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Availability date: 06/12/2023
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Q36.5 Dottore Clima Shorts Long Black

For taller riders or simply for those who prefer longer legs, these Dottore Clima Long Bib Shorts offer an extra 2cm of leg length. The straps have also increased by 1.5 cm, compared to the standard Dottore Clima model.

Gradual Compression with Authentic Silver Thread

We are committed to offering cyclists high-performance clothing for all types of cyclists. For this reason, we present these new Dottore Clima Long shorts, with an extra length of 2 cm on the legs and also on the straps (1.5 cm). A garment, therefore, ideal for taller cyclists and for those who prefer a "pro look" on the bike. Apart from these differences, this model has the same characteristics as the standard Dottore Clima shorts and is lighter than the previous model.
This new Dottore is made using a patented, high-density fabric that provides different levels of compression to improve blood flow. In addition to being distinguished by this characteristic, these shorts have real silver thread in the weft of the main fabric, which provides antibacterial and conductivity properties, protecting from electromagnetic impulses, which reduces muscle fatigue. A new pattern with an ergogenic cut based on the minimal use of seams and strategically placed panels for greater pedaling support will serve to reduce muscle fatigue and improve the cyclist's balance. We have redesigned the abdomen area by using a very light fabric with a special thread that works as a heat sink, thus keeping the ventral area cooler. Seams have been reduced to a minimum to improve comfort by eliminating unwanted pressure points.
For pad support and saddle contact, we use a new patented pattern that improves the interaction between the seat and pad. This innovative panel eliminates the central seam that often causes friction and discomfort when pressing on the saddle. It has been made using Dyneema fabric that improves durability and thermoregulation, thanks to the conductive properties of polyethylene fibers. This panel replicates the contact surface of the saddle and has been designed with moldable fabric that adapts naturally to different types of seats. To increase comfort in the pelvic area, our anti-stress cut allows greater freedom of movement, without pressure points. The anatomical SuperMoulded chamois has been manufactured using a three-dimensional design technique that better adapts to the shape of the cyclist's body and therefore offers greater comfort.
The foam padding has been calibrated following a variable scheme depending on the area: perineal, ischial, genital and buttocks. The result is a sophisticated extension of the general comfort in the support of the cyclist. The chamois also uses a molding technology with smooth variations in thickness, significantly improving the sensation of contact with the cyclist's skin. The finish of the shorts has been thought as much as its main features. The braces have a new tubular design, soft and breathable, allowing freedom of movement. The finish of the leg loops has been laser cut, dispensing with the use of silicone. And for days with light rain or low fog, the shorts have been given an effective DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treatment.

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