Q36.5 Dottore L1 Bib Shorts Black

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Q36.5 Dottore L1 Bib Shorts Black

Salopette DOTTORE, the ergogenic bibshort, a fine and tuned version of the Salopette L1.

Q36.5 Dottore L1 Bib Shorts Black

Salopette Dottore L1 Black, Performance Cycling Bib Tights There have been certain performance innovations in the recent history of professional cycling (for example, the craze for replacing steel ball bearings with ceramic ones or the 'exceptionally long bib shorts' for shorts from a cyclist in early 2000). When spotted by journalists chatting with mechanics outside of hotels, they seemed to be the exclusive domain of maniacs and obsessive cyclists, but in just a few years they have spread like a virus through the peloton and through the ranks of fans. .

Q36.5 works on this particular edge of innovation: pedaling, watching others pedal, and at the same time dreaming how the experience of high-performance cycling will, in the future, "feel different."

And it is to this dream that the new salopette Q36.5, IL DOTTORE, an improved and expanded version of the Salopette L1 (original product of Q36.5 and genesis of the brand's reason for being) belongs.

Il Dottore - the name is a reference to the nickname "the master" of the Salopette L1 and to the almost mythological, sometimes famous figure of the professional cyclist's personal physician - it refines and reinforces the ergogenic philosophy of the Salopette L1 in the following ways to become the ultimate purpose, all day, any day, pure high performance cycling of the future.

Pad by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy

Ergonomic pattern

An ergonomic garment has been designed in such a way that all patterns and fabrics are tuned to support specific muscle groups during sports activity. Garments designed with Ergogenic Patterns will be distinguished by their extremely tight feel and stability during pedaling movement, as the fabric, cut and pattern alignment support a balanced position and consequently reduce muscle fatigue in longer workouts. and intense.

Vector elasticity

An extension of the ergogenic pattern concept. Vector elasticity refers particularly to the intelligent alignment of panels so that the ergogenic qualities of the fabric are oriented according to the direction of pedaling, a strategic design feature that can be perceived by sensitive riders during pedaling action while use the Salopette L1 Essential: in the design of the Salopette L1 Essential the elasticity of the fabric panel used for the thigh area along the weft vector encompasses the muscles that provide a stabilization of fibers that can be disturbed by blows and other irregularities in the road surface; Superior circulation thanks to the pumping effect of the pressure applied to the muscles; improved proprioception thanks to the uniform "second skin" feeling given by the material. The elasticity of the fabric along the warp vector is instead geared to operate with less resistance to downward movement of the foot and with greater return during upward movement of the foot, thus reducing fatigue and guiding economical pedaling action. .

Gradual compression

The original ergogenic philosophy of the Salopette L1 (which produced its comfortable 'fit' as well as - more subtly - the vectorial elasticity of its leg panels, guiding an economical pedaling action) has been further adjusted by the addition of the Jacquard weave " Y-pattern ”found across the surface of the dottore leg panels. This pattern serves not only the aerodynamic objective mentioned but also graduated compression. A close observation will reveal that the pattern has been used at 4 levels of displacement density, corresponding to the 4 different levels of graduated compression, from the highest compression at the bottom of the shorts (where the fabric is now left, with an integrated system (to further reduce weight) at least in the upper part, around the groin area, thus stimulating an improved so-called “pump effect” of blood circulation.


- 61% polyamide 6.6

- 36% elastane

- 2% silver

- 1% carbon fiber (PAC)


- 160 g


- Body temperature stability guarantee = above 18 ° C

Reference code: 007

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