Dynafit Feline SL Shoes Black Blue

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Dynafit Feline SL Black Blue SS20 Men's Shoes

The Dynafit Feline SL shoes now have a POMOCA outsole for optimal grip, even in wet conditions.

● Drop: 8mm.

● Weight: 290 g.

Dynafit Feline SL Black Blue SS20 Men's Shoes

The improved adaptation to the foot offers perfect comfort in medium distances on changing terrain. The Heel Preloader brings more stability to the ankles and heels. The quick closing system can be stored in the mesh arranged for it. The Ballistic Bumper in the toe box protects the toes from shocks.

The Sensitive Fit fit offers a precise shape and firm support for natural flow, constant control of movements, excellent coordination and muscle balance.


Felina SL Outsole: Thanks to the Multipad structure and the central TPU area, it offers responsiveness, control and dynamic adjustment on rugged mountain terrain. A minimum angle of inclination of 8 mm makes it perfect for medium distances (10 - 40 km).

● Heel Preloader: Rubber Tension design ensures comfort and precise grip alike. Thanks to the diagonal reinforcements in the heel area, you will enjoy improved support and adaptation at the rear of the foot. Plus, its soft, lower profile ensures maximum comfort around the heel. Better fit for more power: must-have features to reach higher.

● POMOCA Gliding Path : Provides support for the foot's natural rotational movement (S-curved). a special structure of the s-shaped studs, the touchdown area, allows the sole to slide smoothly and reduces deformation energy. Thanks to the structure of the studs, the traction zone located next to this contact area guarantees optimal grip on any type of terrain.

● Ballistic Fabric: Fabric for alpine conditions. The ballistic fabric in the area of the fingers is manufactured with a proportion of aramid fibers that gives it total resistance to wear while maintaining a minimum weight.

Invisible Lacing: Elastic tongue to prevent wear on the laces and dirt from the track, such as leaves or stones.

● Ballistic Bumper: TPU protection that cushions blows to the fingers and instep.

OrthoLite: OrthoLite insoles offer great cushioning thanks to their compressed three-layer design that also improves the fit of the foot to the shoe. They have great breathability thanks to their polyurethane construction and they manage humidity perfectly. In addition, they are lightweight and can be put in the washing machine.


● OrthoLite insoles.

POMOCA gliding Path.

Heel Preloader.

Sole: Feline SL.

Midsole: Feline SL.

Fit: Sensitive Fit.

Reference: 08-0000064053
Outer material
Technical mesh
Interior material
Breathable materials
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