Zone3 Advance Men's Wetsuit

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Zone3 Advance Men's Wetsuit

The Advance is the perfect wetsuit for anyone just starting out in open water swimming or triathlon.

Alternatively, it's a great training suit if you want to save your best suit for competition.

It combines great comfort and fit with good quality and a great price; a bestseller.

Zone3 Advance Men's Wetsuit

The Advance is recognized as the best entry level wetsuit on the market and they have worked hard to further enhance the appearance of the suit in their new collection, while still keeping the price as low as possible.

In addition to keeping you warm, the suit is designed to help you swim faster and with less effort.

The Avance suit has received great accolades in the triathlon world with 220 Magazine awarding the suit of 92% and its coveted Best Buy award, indicating that the Advance would not feel out of place against many of the mid-range products that double it. in price. also tested the wetsuit and stated that the shoulder flexibility felt as good as that of the top-end wetsuit from another well-known brand.

The new Advance neoprene not only has a fresh look, it also has some key changes that improve, such as fit and performance even more.

The diving suits offer a quality specification, including:

  • 1. Great flexibility in the shoulders and arms for comfortable and energy efficient swimming work.
  • 2. An innovative new 'Extreme Flex' material used for the underarm panels, which significantly improves the distance of each stroke and therefore improves endurance and swimming speed.
  • 3. Laser cut collar for better fit and comfort; unmatched among entry-level wetsuits.
  • 4. Slightly thicker panels are placed for greater buoyancy on the legs and hips, thus reducing friction and facilitating swimming.
  • 5. The use of 'SpeedFlo' fabric in 70% of the garment minimizes resistance through water, increases speed and improves durability. The remaining 30% uses high-quality rubber neoprene.
  • 6. Pro-Speed CuffsTM silicone coated cuffs to increase the extraction speed, and therefore save time and energy in transitions; quick release leg panels.
  • 7. High visibility cuffs, ankles and arm graphics help to better locate the athlete in the water.
  • 8. Fully stitched and glued for flexibility and comfort.
  • 9. High quality YKK down zipper which makes the suit easy to wear and take off.
  • 9. The thickness is 2mm around the shoulders and under the arms, 3mm on the chest and upper back, 4mm on the torso, legs and side panels.

The advance wetsuit is the perfect suit for anyone just starting out in open water swimming or triathlon.

It also makes a great training suit if you want to save your best wetsuit for competition.

Designed with all the key Zone3 features built in to make sure you have a fast, comfortable and enjoyable wetsuit.

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