Zone3 Aspect Wetsuit Black Orange Women

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Zone3 Aspect Woman Wetsuit

The Aspect offers a completely new wetsuit concept. This wetsuit is designed for use in breaststroke. This use requires a clearly different wetsuit from other wetsuits.

Breaststroke Zone3 Aspect

Cold-water breaststroke has been a relatively unhappy pastime. While you can't stay long in cold water without a wetsuit, breaststroke is almost impossible with a conventional wetsuit, as conventional wetsuits provide too much leg buoyancy while not allowing for the typical breaststroke.

For this reason, at Zone3 we have developed the Aspect. The Aspect gives you a position in the water that favors breaststroke, the leg panels are cut to allow for breaststroke while the Aspect keeps you warm. With a few exceptions, all seams are sewn from the inside and welded from the outside, which keeps cool water out and you won't freeze in the Aspect.

To protect the suit, especially when putting it on and taking it off, large parts of the smooth-skin neoprene are coated, effectively preventing damage from nail cuts. So if you're a breaststroke swimmer and you don't want to miss out on the experience of swimming in open water at low temperatures, Aspect!


  • - Specially designed for breaststroke.
  • - Excellent warmth, comfort and flexibility.
  • - Very elastic inner leg panels, necessary for the leg stroke in the breaststroke.
  • - Reduced buoyancy of the lower leg allows the legs to stay underwater.
  • - The mixture of SCS, Smoothskin and highly elastic nylon inserts reduce resistance to water.
  • - Neon orange cuffs for increased visibility.
  • - YKK downward facing zipper, easy to use.

Reference: WS21WAPT101

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