Cycling shorts are usually one of the first items that those who practice this sport usually buy. A good bib shorts is essential, since they are in direct contact with the saddle and our skin.

These are usually made with stretch fabrics specially designed to offer breathability and fit in a way that prevents muscle vibrations and delays the onset of fatigue.

These can be with or without straps, short or long ... but what they have in common is that they always have the “chamois” incorporated, an antibacterial and hypoallergenic padded cushion that absorbs vibrations and impacts and offers comfort to cyclists.

In addition to the chamois, some of the essential qualities for a good culotte are:

  • The elasticity and firmness adjust to the body making them more comfortable and aerodynamic.

  • Breathability to manage moisture and sweat.

The main fabric in the manufacture of shorts is lycra, thanks to its density, level of compression and lightness.

Thermal lycras or membranes are used for the winter bib tights for greater insulation against the wind, cold and rain.


  • It is important to choose and adjust the saddle correctly, because with an inappropriate or badly adjusted saddle, there will be no bibs that will free us from aches and pains.

  • Use specific protective creams for long sessions, which provide lubrication and antibacterial and regenerative effects.

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