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Buy Oakley Cycling Glasses, 100% Eyewear, Spiuk Glasses with best price guarantee. Photochromic sports glasses for MTB or road cycling. Instant shipping.

The selection of sports sunglasses is very wide, so each sport needs its specific accessories. Cycling glasses can be special MTB cycling glasses, polarised glasses or photochromic cycling glasses.

The lenses vary depending on the reflection, opacity or colour of the lenses. For lovers of traditional sunglasses, dark, non-reflective lenses are the way to go.

Oakley cycling sunglasses are a benchmark brand in the industry, leading the way with their extensive experience in sunglasses for everyday women and men. Their most famous models include:

    Oakley Encoder
    Oakley Sutro
    Oakley Radar EV

The road cycling eyewear brand Rudy Project also offers the best technologies for cycling lenses:

    Rudy Project Spinshield
    Rudy Project Defender
    Rudy Project Fotonyk
    Rudy Project Tralyx

The 100% glasses point the way to the top of the mountain:

    100% Speedcraft
    100% S3 Hyper
    100% S2 ... among others...

Discover the extensive catalogue! Which cycling glasses are the best for you? In 365 Rider, we offer you the best brands:

    POC cycling glasses
    Eassun cycling glasses
    100% cycling glasses
    Shimano cycling glasses
    KOO sports sunglasses
    Oakley cycling glasses

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