ARGON 18 E-117 Frame and Fork Set 2020 Matte Black Red

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ARGON 18 E-117 Frame & Fork Set Black Matte Red

The ARGON 18 E-117 2020 frame combines the best value for money of the brand, perfect for those who are training seriously and with a view to doing a medium or full distance.

ARGON 18 E-117 Frame & Fork SetBlack Matte Red

The Argon 18 E-117 Tri frameset was released simultaneously with the E-119, and both are successors to the E-118 Next. The E-117 is the UCI-legal version for amateur triathletes. It continues to slide quickly, but with similar geometry, more adjustability of the front end, less aggressive shape of the tubes, simpler brakes and a more comfortable ride.

The seatpost offers a wide range of adjustment. The seat angle is 78 degrees, but the clamp sits on a rail that allows you to move the clamp forward or backward 28mm. You can be incredibly aggressive, totally conservative, or put yourself somewhere in between.

Argon 18 loves aerodynamics and uses it to serve practical purposes. The BB86 bottom bracket allows them to build more aerodynamic tubes and configure the width of the chainstays for greater stiffness and allow for wider rims and tires. They also designed the V-brakes that hide behind the fork and seats. The shape is unique to Argon 18 and is specifically designed to fit these points. The rear brake sits on the seatstays for added comfort and simplicity causing easier wheel changes. The front derailleur bracket is forged aluminum. The frame is compatible with electronic and mechanical groups. The Di2 battery is hidden in the seat post.


- Full Carbon High module frame.

- Integrated 3D system steering.

- TRP argon 18 black brakes.


Optimal balance

It's the subtle alchemy of lightness, stiffness, comfort, and aerodynamics.


Argon 18 solutions are tailored to the specific needs of cyclists, both men and women, at all levels of competition. Plus, ever-evolving innovations are easy to implement and use.


In high-performance cycling, every second counts and aerodynamics can change everything. That is why any reduction in resistance, no matter how small, is of the utmost importance.

Argon 18 tests its bikes in real wind conditions, ensuring that all of its products are infinitely more accurate and competitive.

AFS - Argon Fit System

It is designed to provide consistent performance and optimal ergonomics for runners of all physical dimensions.

3D system

It's a smart mechanical solution that extends the head tube for more positioning options. Three steerer tube positions are possible for each frame size; This increases stiffness by 5% at 15mm and by 11% at 25mm, compared to traditional spacers. With this system, the height of the handlebar can be perfectly adjusted to meet the needs and preferences of each rider.

Positioning and geometry

In Argon 18 they divide the painting into eight different sections, each with a specific role. As the length of the frame increases, the length of each section also increases. This preserves the balanced proportions of the bike and ensures that all frames, regardless of size, have ideal ergonomics and flawless handling.

HDS - Dual Horizontal System

Argon 18 has managed to combine stiffness and comfort, qualities that are normally considered opposite.

The basic idea is simple: frame tubes are designed for a specific purpose.

Argon 18 divides the painting into two zones along a diagonal line:

1. The tubes in the lower section of the frame are made with more carbon fiber for maximum stiffness, especially in the lower bracket. This provides a precise and responsive energy transfer that is simply like no other.

2. The tubes in the upper section of the frame are made of less flexible carbon fiber to absorb vibrations and ensure maximum comfort on all types of terrain.


COD. REF. 150.20346

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