PRO Smart Bottle Cage Black

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Main Features PRO Smart Black bottle cage

The PRO Smart Bottle Cage combines an adjustable bottle cage with an integrated storage solution.

Useful and Comfortable PRO Smart Bottle Cage

Upgrade and improve your performance with the PRO Smart bottle cage.

Designed to offer a universally compatible bottle cage with the possibility of adjusting the height and direction of extraction of the bottle, it also has integrated storage solutions.

PRO mini tools fit into the base of the Smart bottle cage, under the bottle, and you can also attach a mini pump or CO2 cartridge to one side of the bottle cage and two detachables to the other.

A PRO clip-on storage bag can be added under the Smart Bottle Cage to carry a spare tube and other puncture repair accessories.


  • Adjustable bottle cage with integrated storage.
  • Adjustable height.
  • It can be adjusted to extract the┬ácage from the right, left or center.
  • Compatible with any type of frame.
  • Provides storage for select PRO mini tools, a mini pump or CO2 cartridge, and 2 detachables.
  • Mounting point for PRO 300ml storage bag.
  • Weight: 80 grams.
  • Does not include inflator, multitool, and camera compartment.
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