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Fizik: for Passionate Cyclists

Fizik is a leading brand revolutionizing the cycling experience through unmatched quality and innovation. Offering a diverse range of apparel and accessories, Fizik is the trusted partner for passionate cyclists.

Fizik Innovation and Technology

Advances in Saddle Design

Fizik has established itself as a pioneer in cycling saddle design, combining scientific research with feedback from professional cyclists. This results in saddles that offer a perfect balance between comfort and aerodynamic performance.

The incorporation of innovative materials and patented technologies ensures that each Fizik saddle not only improves pedaling efficiency, but also minimizes the risk of injury during long hours on the bike.

High Performance Cycling Shoes

Fizik shoes represent the cutting edge of technology and design, offering solutions for all types of cyclists, from amateurs to professionals. Attention to detail in construction ensures durability, comfort and performance.

With innovative fit systems and breathable materials, Fizik shoes enhance the cycling experience by providing a secure and comfortable connection to the pedals, allowing for greater control and efficiency with every pedal stroke.

Commitment to the Cycling Community

Team and Event Support

Fizik is deeply committed to the development of cycling worldwide, sponsoring professional teams and international events. This commitment demonstrates Fizik's passion for the sport and his desire to contribute to the success of cyclists of all levels.

Support for the cycling community also extends through sustainability initiatives and product developments that reflect a responsible approach to the environment, ensuring a greener future for cycling.

Active Participation in Innovation

Fizik not only invests in the present of cycling but also in its future, actively participating in the research and development of new technologies and materials. This ensures that Fizik remains a leader in innovation within cycling.

Collaboration with research institutions and universities allows Fizik to explore new frontiers in cycling science, carrying out studies ranging from aerodynamics to ergonomics, with the aim of continually improving the rider's experience.

Fizik Product Range

Custom Saddles

Fizik offers a wide range of saddles designed to suit different types of cyclists and disciplines, including road, mountain and triathlon. Each saddle is designed with a focus on improving comfort without sacrificing performance.

The use of Fizik's Spine Concept Evo technology helps cyclists select the perfect saddle based on their flexibility and pedaling style, ensuring a more personalized and ergonomic cycling experience.

Innovative Accessories

In addition to saddles and shoes, Fizik extends its passion for cycling to a variety of accessories, including handlebars, handlebar tapes, and bike bags. Each product is designed to enhance the cycling experience, combining functionality with style.

Continuous innovation in accessories allows Fizik to offer complete solutions for cyclists, ensuring that every aspect of your equipment contributes to optimal performance and an exceptional cycling experience.

Cycling Shoes

Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Shoes Black

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