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Continental: Innovation and Quality

High Performance Bicycle Tires

Continental distinguishes itself in the market for its exceptional line of bicycle tires, incorporating advanced technologies such as Black Chili and Vectran™ for unsurpassed performance. These innovations ensure supreme quality and optimal resistance to punctures, standing out in competitions and daily use.

The "handmade in Germany" production underlines Continental's commitment to excellence, offering products that are developed at its technology center in Korbach, thus guaranteeing tires of the highest quality for cyclists of all levels.

Continental: A Century of Excellence

Revolutionary Roof Technology

With over 100 years of experience, Continental leads the industry with its innovative approach to bicycle tire development. The use of the Black Chili compound and the Vectran™ anti-puncture technology in the sports field guarantees exceptional performance in competitions and intense sports practices.

These technologies, developed at the technology center in Korbach, Germany, are the result of a sophisticated manufacturing process that places an emphasis on quality and constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in roof engineering.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Continental is the only German manufacturer producing bicycle tires in Germany, which represents a significant incentive for its engineers and manufacturing staff. This commitment is reflected in meticulous attention to detail and dedication to exceeding the expectations of professional and amateur cyclists.

The innovative combination of EcoContact/EcoContactPlus, together with the revolutionary Downhill tire "Der Kaiser", are examples of how Continental adapts to the latest trends and market needs, including e-Bikes, offering high-tech solutions for all disciplines .

Global Reach, German Quality

"Handmade in Germany"

All Continental tires share a common origin: they are developed at the Korbach technology center and undergo rigorous inspection to ensure legendary German quality. This process ensures that each product, no matter where it is manufactured, meets Continental's highest quality standards.

The phrase "Handmade in Germany" encapsulates Continental's devotion to quality craftsmanship, reflecting a legacy of excellence that continues to influence its approach to innovation and product development.

Collaboration and Continuous Development

Continental deeply values dialogue with cyclists of all levels, from professionals to amateurs. This collaboration is crucial for the development of tires that not only meet the requirements of high-level competitions, but also meet the needs of everyday cycling.

Continental's ability to adapt and innovate, backed by its commitment to quality and collaboration, ensures that it remains a leader in the production of bicycle tires, setting new standards in the industry.




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