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Maximize your Performance with Choirs

Discover Coros watches for running: precision, durability and advanced technology for serious runners.

Recommended Models

    • APEX Choirs 2/2 Pro
    • VERTIX 2 Choirs

Renowned Ambassadors

Join the elite as the NN Running team.

Explore Without Limits with Coros Watches

Coros watches offer an unprecedented experience for running, combining innovative design with advanced functionalities to optimize your training and competitions.

Top Models for Runners

Choose between the versatile Coros PACE 3 and the robust Coros APEX 2 Pro, designed to meet the demands of all runners.

News and Technology

With cutting-edge technologies such as the COROS POD 2 for unmatched precision.

Inspiring Ambassadors

Elite runners like those on the NN Running team trust Coros to reach new records.

Join the Choirs Community

Discover stories of runners and adventurers who wear Coros on their wrists.




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