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Stryd: Revolutionize Your Running

Discover how Stryd improves your performance with its cutting-edge running power sensors. Train smart and push your limits.

Stryd: Innovation in Running

Discover how Stryd redefines running with its power sensors, offering advanced analysis to optimize your training and competition.

Featured Ambassadors

Elite athletes like [Ambassador Name] (update with real names) trust Stryd to reach new heights and achieve their personal bests.

Top Models

  • Stryd Wind: The world's first power sensor that measures running effort in windy conditions, ensuring accurate workouts in any weather.


The most recent release, [New Model] , integrates significant improvements in power measurement and running form analysis, setting a new standard in running technology.

Cutting-edge technology

With Stryd, runners can access data such as running power, cadence, stride length and more, enabling smarter, more competitive workouts.




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