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Vittoria: Innovation in Tires

Avant-garde Compounds

Vittoria leads the bicycle tire market with its revolutionary use of Graphene compound, significantly improving durability, strength and performance. With a wide range adapted to road, mountain, gravel and cyclocross, Vittoria ensures that every cyclist finds the perfect tire for their discipline.

In addition to high-quality tires, Vittoria offers essential accessories such as inner tubes and sealing fluids, designed to optimize your cycling experience. Innovation and quality are the essence of each Vittoria product, guaranteeing superior driving on any terrain.

Vittoria: Leaders in Cycling Tires

Tires for All Disciplines

From the speed of asphalt to the challenges of mountainous terrain, Vittoria offers tires designed specifically for every type of cycling. Using the innovative Graphene compound, these tires are not only stronger and more durable, but also provide exceptional traction and control. Road, mountain, gravel and cyclocross cyclists can rely on Vittoria to improve their performance and safety.

Vittoria's commitment to research and development is reflected in each tire, ensuring the best driving experience. Whether for competition or recreation, Vittoria tires are synonymous with superior quality and reliability.

Essential Accessories for Cyclists

Vittoria complements its tire line with a selection of high-quality accessories, including inner tubes that offer durability and puncture resistance, and sealant fluids formulated to protect your tires in the most demanding conditions. These products are designed to maximize the performance and comfort of your bike, allowing you to focus on the pleasure of riding.

With a focus on continuous innovation, Vittoria strives to develop products that meet the needs of all cyclists. From safety to performance, Vittoria is dedicated to improving your cycling experience with every pedal stroke.

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