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Discover SRAM: Innovation in Cycling

Elevate your cycling experience with SRAM, the world leader in high-quality bicycle components. Explore our range of transmissions, brakes and accessories.

Technology and Innovation at Sram

Advances in Transmission

Sram has established itself as a pioneer in the design and development of bicycle drive systems, offering solutions that significantly improve the cycling experience. Its products, such as the wireless electronic groupset, have revolutionized the way cyclists interact with their bicycles, providing faster, more precise and reliable gear changes.

This dedication to innovation not only improves performance, but also raises the standards for comfort and efficiency in road, mountain and urban cycling.

High Performance Brakes

Safety is paramount at Sram, and their brake systems are at the cutting edge of technology, offering exceptional control and stopping power in all conditions. From hydraulic disc brakes to traditional brake systems, Sram focuses on providing a superior braking experience that protects riders and improves their confidence on the road and trails.

These advancements reflect Sram's commitment to safety, performance and reliability, making a difference in the lives of cyclists around the world.

Sram Commitment to Sustainability

Responsible Production Practices

Sram demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through responsible production practices, focusing on minimizing its environmental footprint. This includes using recyclable materials, optimizing manufacturing processes to reduce waste, and implementing efficient energy management systems.

This orientation towards sustainability not only reflects Sram's corporate responsibility, but also ensures that the products that cyclists love are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Sustainable Innovation

At Sram, innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. The company invests in research and development to create products that not only advance in terms of performance and functionality, but also promote greener cycling practices. This manifests itself in the development of lighter and more durable components that contribute to energy efficiency and reduce the need for frequent replacement.

This focus on sustainable innovation underlines Sram's role as a leader in promoting a greener future for cycling.

Wide Range of Sram Products

For All Types of Cyclists

Sram offers a wide range of cycling components, meeting the needs of road, mountain and urban cyclists. With a variety of products ranging from drivetrains to brakes, wheels and handlebars, Sram makes sure every rider finds what they need to enhance their cycling experience.

The diversity of Sram's product range allows riders to customize their bikes for optimal performance, highlighting the brand's versatility and user-centric approach.

Quality and Durability

Quality is a top priority for Sram, and this is reflected in the durability and performance of its components. Every Sram product is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring riders can rely on their equipment on any adventure.

This combination of superior quality, constant innovation and a commitment to sustainability makes Sram a preferred choice for professional and amateur cyclists alike.




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