Sealant Finish Line Fiberlink Pro Latex 240ml

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Finish Line Fiberlink Pro Latex Sealant 240ml

Built with Kevlar to deliver faster, stronger seals, FiberLink represents a new standard for tubeless bike tire sealant. Developed with Finish Line's proprietary FiberLink technology, this innovative professional latex formula seals quickly, ensures maximum seal integrity and offers optimum durability.

8-Ounce Drip Bottle FiberLink technology uses Kevlar fibers that work synergistically with fast-acting natural latex to seal punctures as they occur. Free-flowing latex cures quickly to create an adhesive seal that is reinforced with interlocking Kevlar fibers. The low viscosity is ideal for race conditions. Fast-acting natural latex reduces air loss. Optimum durability between maintenance cycles. Low odor and easy to set up.

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