Zipp 303S Disc Carbon tubeless black wheelset

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  • Zipp 303S Disc Carbon tubeless black wheelset
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Zipp 303s Disc Carbon tubeless wheelset black

The black Zipp 303 Disc Carbon tubeless Wheelset offers an unmatched combination of versatility and speed, extending its Spring Classics legacy with a 45mm rim depth ideal for any terrain. With a renewed design and expanded internal width, these wheels guarantee superior performance and ride quality in virtually every aspect. Perfect for the new generation of road and gravel bikes.

  • Use: Road and Gravel
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Compatibility: Tubeless Ready Only
  • Compatible hub: Shimano/SRAM 11V, SRAM-XDR 12V
  • Visual identity: New Zipp graphics that highlight speed
  • Optimization: Greater performance with 28 mm tires, compatible up to 50 mm
  • Hubs: 76/176 DB with center lock interface
  • Benefits: Lower tire pressure for a more comfortable ride and less vibrations
  • Energy savings: Significant with larger tires at lower pressure
  • Material: Carbon, with front and rear aluminum axle
  • Brake system: Disc Brake Center Lock
  • Rim depth: 45mm
  • Widths: Interior 23 mm, Maximum exterior 28 mm
  • Holes: 24
  • Weight: 1530g

Choose between two compatible hub options: Shimano/SRAM 11V or SRAM-XDR 12V , ensuring wide compatibility with the most popular drivetrain systems.

Discover Innovation: Zipp 303s Disc Carbon tubeless black wheelset

Introducing the Zipp 303s Disc Carbon, a fusion of advanced technology and innovative design, ready to transform your cycling experience on both road and gravel.

Heritage and Versatility

With a heritage rooted in Spring Classics racing, the Zipp 303s maintain their iconic 45mm rim depth, perfectly balancing aerodynamics with all-terrain handling ability. This versatility is essential for the current generation of bikes, which demand uncompromising performance, whether on smooth asphalt or gravel roads.

Expansion and Performance

The redesign includes a wider 23mm internal width, optimizing performance and ride quality with wider tires. This expansion allows for lower tire pressure for a smoother ride, reducing drag and improving efficiency on a wide range of surfaces.

Optimized Aerodynamics

Optimized for 28mm tires but capable of handling gravel tires up to 50mm wide, these wheels offer superior aerodynamic performance. The hookless transition from rim to tire decreases aerodynamic drag, resulting in a more efficient and faster ride.

Advanced Hub Technology

Equipped with 76/176 DB hubs and a central locking interface, the Zipp 303s guarantee seamless integration with disc brakes, providing immediate and reliable braking response in all conditions, essential to maintain control and safety during riding. driving.

Aesthetics and Design

In addition to their exceptional performance, these wheels feature a refreshed aesthetic with new Zipp graphics and visual identity that stand out from the pack. Its design not only screams speed, but also sets a new standard in appearance, setting the rider apart from the rest.

Lightness and Durability

With a total weight of just 1530g, the Zipp 303s are among the lightest wheels in their category, without sacrificing durability. The use of carbon for the rim and aluminum for the axles ensures an optimal combination of lightness and resistance.

The Zipp 303s Disc Carbon tubeless black wheelset is, without a doubt, an exceptional choice for cyclists looking to elevate their performance regardless of the terrain. Its innovative design and advanced features offer an unprecedented cycling experience, ushering in a new era in wheel technology.

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