Tube Michelin Protek Max 28x1.30-1.80 valve Schrader

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Michelin Protek Max Tube 28x1.30-1.80 Schrader Valve

Michelin Protek Max camera automatically prevents air loss in case of punctures. With its rubber beads in the tread and circular knobs on the sidewall, the tube compresses the hole created by a puncture and seals it.

  • Measurements: 28x1.30-1.80
  • schrader valve

Michelin Protek Max Tube 28x1.30-1.80 Schrader Valve


This MICHELIN PROTEK MAX 28″ inner tube with a square section, has a unique shape that facilitates its assembly and placement of the inner tube on the rim, eliminating any torsion effect.

Its wavy design combined with the previous injection of sealing liquid helps to avoid the risk of puncture. This tube is capable of maintaining tire pressure above all else.

Ease of mounting Due to its square shape, the MICHELIN Protek Max tube is easily placed on the bottom of the rim and does not twist during mounting, unlike a completely smooth classic tube.

Maximum resistance to punctures . Thanks to its granular pattern, the MICHELIN Protek Max tube reacts "compressing" in the event of a puncture or pinch (the hole closes naturally) while a classic tube reacts "expansion" (rubber balloon effect). The self-sealing effect is increased thanks to the preventive liquid inside that comes from origin.

Exceptional pressure maintenance . The MICHELIN Protek Max tube inflates twice less often than a classic MICHELIN tube

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