Goggles KOO Orion Black Red Lens Red Mirror

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Goggles KOO Orion Black Red Lens Red Mirror

Lightweight, adjustable running and cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses

  • • Binocular-open frame
  • • adjustable arm length
  • interchangeable lenses
  • • Anti-fog ventilation
  • • Anti-scratch and anti-reflective Zeiss® lenses
  • • 100% UV protection

Goggles KOO Orion Black Red Lens Red Mirror

KOO is the independent eyewear brand of the Italian helmet manufacturer Kask.

The KOO ORION Glasses is the first binocular open frame (2 independent lenses).

Binocular construction has its own unique benefits

Binocular lenses allow for greater lens curvature while maintaining optimal optical clarity.

This additional curve provides increased eye protection while offering better visibility at the same time.

The Koo Orion, in addition to being half a frame and therefore more ventilated by design, features active anti-fog ventilation in the form of 2 adjustable 'sliders' on the frame, above the lens.

In the open position, the vent locks the airflow between the frame and the lenses, keeping the rider's vision crystal clear when fogging.

It is particularly useful when climbing, for example. As the airflow over the glasses is reduced, the probability of fogging increases when opening the sliders, the user can increase the airflow while maintaining eye coverage.

The KOO Orion goggle has an adjustable arm length to guarantee not only a perfect fit for each user but also a perfect integration into the helmet.

The arms feature a completely concealed mechanism that offers 15mm of arm length adjustment in 3.5mm increments.

The Orion's nose pads rotate to allow for a more personalized fit on the face. The Koo ORION has replaceable lenses and features a two-step mechanism for changing lenses quickly, but safely.

Opening the mouthpiece disengages the lenses that are also locked in the frame. This way, not only will they fall off with the mouthpiece open and the simple deformation of the frame will pull the lens out of the housing at the temples and around the bridge.

The KOO ORION has a range of lenses suitable for various terrain and light conditions:

  • Red Mirror is ideal for all terrain
  • Infrared, with its multi-layer tint, is perfect for the road.


      1. 100% protection against UV rays, they are suitable for driving and have Anti-Scratch technology , which makes the lenses super durable.
      2. Zeiss anti-reflective technology greatly improves the efficiency of lenses.
      3. The coating eliminates reflections from the internal and external surfaces of the lenses, which means that your eyes receive as much light as possible, which improves contrast and definition and reduces eye fatigue.
      4. As mentioned. The lenses come in various filters for different conditions and applications with infrared designed specifically for the road and the Red Mirror is better suited to the off-road
      5. The KOO ORION glasses are available in 2 sizes: small and medium , the medium offers a great vision and a perfect fit,

It is 100% made in Italy , something that KOO and Kask are extremely proud of and a development facet that allows the company to adapt and refine the design quickly, while maintaining extremely high quality and consistency.

KOO ORION sunglasses are designed to integrate seamlessly with Kask helmets but, thanks to the well thought out design and helmet use in mind, they fit perfectly with all the helmets we have tested.

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