SIS GO Hydro Strawberry and Lime 20 Tablets x 4gr

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SIS GO Hydro Strawberry and Lime 20 Tablets x 4gr

Low calorie electrolyte supplement for optimal hydration and fluid replacement in hot and humid environments.

It contains the necessary levels of sodium and other electrolytes to stay hydrated during high intensity activities.

SIS GO Hydro Strawberry and Lime 20 Tablets x 4gr

SiS GO Hydro represents a state-of-the-art scientific formulation designed to ensure effective hydration with which you perform at your best.

Being a fast dissolving effervescent tablet in water, it represents a really practical approach (just add a tablet in a bottle with 500 ml of water) to ensure that all electrolyte and liquid levels are adequate in its simplest format .

SiS GO Hydro is a useful strategy to hydrate without the extra calories of other drinks.

To ensure hydration prior to training or competition, you should consume at least 500 ml of GO Hydro, approximately 3-4 hours before the event, and 250 ml to 500 ml plus 2 hours before the start.

During the activity itself, conventional guidelines recommend following a strategy for the consumption of liquids that prevents dehydration, since this is equivalent to a loss of more than 2% of body mass.

In practice, this fluid strategy typically equates to 500ml per hour, and depending on the surrounding conditions, your thirst will likely determine if your body needs more.

If you intend to combine hydration with an energy intake, SiS GO Energy could be taken with the range of SiS GO Gel gels or GO Bar bars to ensure adequate fluid and carbohydrate intake during physical exercise.

COD. REF: SIS130311

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