Coves Wahoo Speedplay Easy Tension

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Wahoo Speedplay Easy Tension Cleats

Step, adjust and pedal with confidence thanks to the SPEEDPLAY Easy Tension Walkable road cleats.

For an easier pedaling experience

Features and technology

In addition to retaining all the benefits of the SPEEDPLAY bicycle pedal system, the Easy Action spring mechanism makes engaging and disengaging the cleats extremely easy, for an easier pedaling experience for riders of all levels .

The low, dimpled profile design and rubber texture enhance traction and walkability, making these bike cleats comfortable and practical.

To optimize position and improve performance, the independent 3-axis fit is adjusted thanks to better biomechanics on the bike.

Up to 14mm of fore/aft adjustment (forward and backward movement) to lock the cleat base plate in place on the bottom of the shoe.

Flexible left/right adjustment of up to 8mm allows you to further adjust the cleat position.

You can micro-adjust heel motion from 1 to 15 degrees to dial in the perfect swing.

Easy Tension SPEEDPLAY cleats use spring technology for a simple and effective clipless experience.

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