Multifunctional belt Lurbel Loop Evo I Pink Black

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Multifunctional belt Lurbel Loop Evo I Pink Black

The Lurbel Loop Evo I belt is a multifunctional belt carrier that has a non-slip pole holder on the back. In addition, along its perimeter it offers six compartments of different capacities.

Multifunctional belt Lurbel Loop Evo I Pink Black


● Composition: 86% Cool-tech, 14% Lycra
● Weight: 65 g (size S / M)
● Recommended for: running, trail running, cycling / triathlon, fitness and trekking
● Sizes according to waist circumference: 66-86 cm [S / M]; 84-105 [L / XL]

● Adaptability - Conforms to the surface of the body
● High performance - Designed for extreme situations
● Anti-wrinkle - Special fabric that prevents wrinkles when folding
● Antibacterial - Prevents the entry or creation of microbes
● Ergonomic
● Light weight
● Reflective - High visibility stripes
● Breathable - The fabric opens in specific areas for better ventilation of the skin

● Feel Cool thermal requirement
Feel Cool demanding garments are intended for use in high temperatures. Its intelligent ergonomics present zones of greater perspiration in the points of more perspiration at the same time that its areas of adjustment without pressure and flat seams confer an adaptability and comfort without limits. Bactericidal, odorless and maximum breathability properties.

● Performance
The mission of this technology is to allow the athlete to perform at their best, ensuring all comfort and maximum freedom of movement.
Maximum evacuation of humidity in all thermal ranges
Superior fit with anatomical zones
Antibacterial properties in all garments
· Softness and comfort due to its absence of seams

● Silver Base Layer
The base of all Lurbel garments is supported by this grid, developed with ionized silver yarn with a high antibacterial power. By definition, most people who play sports sweat. And numerous bacteria thrive on body heat and moisture, producing unpleasant odors. Despite washing, the smell lingers in the fibers and with the passage of time it is common to have the sensation of smelling even when we put on freshly washed sportswear. The mission of this layer is to act as the central structure of all garments, giving it an antibacterial effect.

REF: 00B7.733U.3300

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