Socks Lurbel Desafio Three Black Red

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Lurbel Desafio Three Socks: Better Fit and Comfort

The Lurbel Desafio Three socks are high-performance trail running socks with Feel Cool thermal demands. They are made with a smart fabric that gives them bactericidal, odorless and breathable properties. In addition, they have a protection system that reinforces the areas of greatest friction and wear, preventing blisters and chafing. The Lurbel Desafio Three socks are ideal for running in the mountains at high temperatures, offering optimal adaptation to the foot and excellent traction and durability.

Height: H3 (Lowcut) - 6 cm above the shoe

Optimal adaptation to the foot

If you are passionate about trail running and are looking for socks that offer maximum performance, comfort and protection, the Lurbel Desafio Three socks are what you need. These socks are designed to face the most demanding challenges in the mountains, adapting to the weather conditions and terrain.

Height: H3 (Lowcut) - 6 cm above the shoe

Bmax Technology:

Lurbel Desafio Three socks are manufactured with Bmax (BICOMPONENT MEDICAL ACTIVE XTREME) technology, which is an exclusive and innovative technology developed by Lurbel, based on Regenactiv technology and the innovative ESP1 system. This technology combines two types of yarns: synthetic yarn with a multi-channel section, which transports moisture to the outside, and silver-ionized polyamide yarn, which has an antibacterial effect and prevents bad odours. In this way, a fabric is achieved that prevents irritation and overheating, and that helps regenerate the skin in case of erosion.

ESP system:

The ESP (ERGONOMIC SYSTEM PROTECTION) system is an ergonomic structure with a protection system that consists of additional reinforcement in the areas of greatest impact and wear: toe, heel and mid-sole1. This system provides an increase in cushioning between 25% and 40%, reducing friction and the risk of injury. In addition, the ESP system respects the anatomy of the right and left foot, offering a perfect fit and preventing the sock from shifting.

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