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Running with breathable and comfortable running sportswear is essential when it comes to our training. Running t-shirts, jackets and pants, for all athletes, are essential garments when running, so we must make sure we have the best brands, with breathable fabrics, compression, dry and many more features that you can find here.

At 365rider we make sure we have the best variety and the best brands of running clothing, so that it provides you with the greatest comfort and that you can always be up to date.

When we go running, our main concern is usually the running shoes, however, running clothing also has to meet a number of requirements to make our runs the best we ever had.

What apparel do I need for a good run?

Wearing the right running clothes is essential to practice this sport properly, as we must remember that it is very important to keep the skin dry and provide the body with the best conditions so that the runner's performance is not impaired during their workouts and races.

For the practice of running it is recommended to wear light and anti-irritation garments that protect the skin against any setback or adverse weather conditions and that are breathable. Women's and men's running shirts are highly recommended.

In winter, to protect us from the cold and wind, it is advisable to use clothing made of thermal fabrics and that have an effective and fast moisture control system. Remember that not wearing this type of clothing can lead to catching colds, tissue damage or even, in the worst conditions, hypothermia.

What is technical running clothing?

In general, when we talk about running clothes we refer to those sets that are composed of tights or shorts made with elastic materials and flat seams for greater comfort; on the other hand, a breathable shirt or jersey, which absorbs sweat quickly, and with elastic fabrics such as cotton or recycled polyester; anatomically cut socks made, also, with elastic materials in order to avoid pressure on the foot; and finally, by a suitable footwear that suits your needs and to run medium and long distances.

Where to buy Running Equipment? 

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