Socks Compressport Pro Racing V4.0 Trail Blue

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Compressport Pro Racing V4.0 Trail Socks Blue

State-of-the-art trail running socks that protect the foot, absorb impacts and offer good support on the toughest terrain.

  • - T1 : 35-38
  • - T2 : 39-41
  • - T3 : 42-44
  • - T4 : 45-48

Ergonomic and Comfortable: Compressport Pro Racing v4.0 Trail

Made to protect runners on any type of trail race, the Compressport Pro Racing v4.0 Trail Socks have everything runners need to tackle their toughest off-road challenges.

With its trail-specific, improved ergonomic design and wider toe box configuration, the Pro Racing v4.0 Socks are comfortable, supportive and durable enough to last for miles. In addition, the sock is not lacking in breathability , equipped with ventilated straps under the foot to promote airflow and keep feet cool. The sock's signature 3D.Dot design helps absorb shock and reduce friction, while stimulating circulation to improve blood flow in the foot. The protective qualities of the Compressport Pro Racing v4.0 Trail Sock are enhanced by a new, denser knit construction that further cushions impacts on runners' feet, making these socks the ideal companion for your upcoming trail adventures.


  • - New wider toe box design
  • - Improved 360° arch support stimulates blood flow and better prevents blisters as the miles roll on
  • - Seamless design further reduces the risk of irritation
  • - Robust, trail-specific construction
  • - Updated heel and forefoot padding for added comfort
  • - Protection around the big toe and ankle bone
  • - Ventilation bands breathe to keep feet cool
  • - Left/right contoured design offers a secure fit
  • - Material: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane
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