Compressport Socks V4.0 Pink

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Compressport Pro V4.0 Pink Socks

The Compressport Pro V4.0 Pink Socks are the result of several years of research to exactly determine runners' foot problems. This new anti-blister sock is your chance to say goodbye to blisters once and for all.

Compressport Pro V4.0 Pink Socks

The sock benefits from Compressport technology for protection and support on short or long runs. Our striped knitting technique offers optimum ventilation and moisture wicking. Additionally, recognizable 3D dots are woven into the fabric to stimulate blood flow and increase in-shoe grip.

Reduced foot movement combined with optimized sweat evacuation not only ensures greater comfort, but also contributes to less raw skin in the long run.


It has points with different thicknesses to offer targeted protection in key places and provide optimized ventilation and extra grip to the shoe.
A highly breathable, lightweight fabric that quickly wicks away sweat and moisture to keep feet cool and dry.
Prevention of blisters thanks to an ergonomic fit, good arch support and plush protection on the big toe.


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