Socks Lurbel Desafio Grey White

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Lurbel Desafio Socks Gray white

Lurbel Desafio socks are specifically designed for trail running. Its structure and composition combat the main causes of blisters: overheating, humidity and friction, while its ergonomic ESP protection structure reinforces the points of greatest friction with footwear.

Simple, comfortable and asymmetrical

Seamless to avoid the appearance of chafing while you practice sports and with reinforcements in the areas of greatest friction . In addition, it has the extra +A adjustment for greater support without worries about the sock slipping. Convenience, comfort and breathability guaranteed. Made with Bmax technology, whose mission is to combat the main causes of blisters. In turn, it also uses the ESP plantar structure to offer more protection, cushioning and comfort in the area of the toecap, heel and mid-sole.


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