Socks Lurbel Race Three Blue Black

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Lurbel Race Three Blue Black Socks: High performance for running

The Lurbel Race Three Blue Black Socks are high-performance ergonomic socks for running, with a thin, light and seamless structure. They are made with Bmax fabric, which offers optimal breathability, thermoregulation and blister prevention. In addition, they have a reflective design to improve night visibility.

Lurbel Race Three Socks: Comfort and Performance for your feet

If you are passionate about running and are looking for socks that adapt to your needs, the Lurbel Race Three Socks are your best option. These socks are designed to offer you maximum comfort and performance in your races, thanks to their Bmax technology, their ergonomic structure and their reflective design.

Bmax technology: perspiration, thermoregulation and blister prevention

The Lurbel Race Three Socks are made with Bmax fabric, an exclusive Lurbel technology that combines synthetic and natural fibers to create a smart fabric that wicks away sweat, maintains body temperature and prevents friction. In this way, you get a sock that adapts to the foot like a second skin, keeping it dry, fresh and protected from blisters.

Ergonomic structure: thin, light and seamless

The Lurbel Race Three Socks have an ergonomic structure that fits the foot like a glove, providing optimal sensitivity and adaptability. In addition, its structure is thin and light, which favors freedom of movement and comfort. Lastly, these socks are seamless, which prevents chafing and skin irritation.

Reflective design: visibility and safety

The Lurbel Race Three Socks feature a reflective design on the back, which improves the runner's visibility in low light conditions. Thus, safety is increased and possible accidents are avoided. In addition, the design is modern and attractive, with a blue color that matches any shoe.

In short, Lurbel Race Socks are ideal socks for running lovers who are looking for a quality, comfortable and functional product. Don't wait any longer and get them at the best price in our online store.

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