Zone3 Vision Women's Wetsuit Black Bronce

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Zone3 Vision Neoprene

The Zone3 Vision Long Sleeve Wetsuit has taken the key features of Zone3's best wetsuit, the Vanquish, and made it the fastest wetsuit on the market.

Description Zone3 Vision


  • - Yamamoto #39 SCS Free-Flex 1.5mm shoulder panel that provides great comfort and flexibility on every shot.
  • - The X-10 shoulder panel is one piece and extends across the chest and shoulders to provide greater comfort, flexibility and striking efficiency.
  • - A BRE 'body ration enhancement' panel on the chest to maximize body roll during swimming and distance per stroke.
  • - 14% less weight compared to the previous 2020 model, with no loss of buoyancy.
  • - 10 different materials have been used to ensure maximum performance, durability and comfort while keeping the price low.
  • - Aerodome is a unique material that incorporates air bubbles between the layers of fabric to provide 30% more buoyancy than traditional neoprene.
  • - From chest to knee there are 3mm thick panels to ensure neutral buoyancy.
  • - Combination of Aqua-X and SCS coating to improve durability and reduce resistance.
  • - Pro-Speed's slim "Speedcuffs" allow quick donning and doffing of the suit.
  • - Laser-cut collar provides a comfortable "soft-close" fit around the neck.
  • - By using limestone and rubber bands, we reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200 grams per suit. Most of the waste from neoprene production is recycled into the suits, reducing landfill waste and protecting the environment in which we train.

Advantages of Yamamoto material:

  • - Speed: An aquadynamic SCS nano-coating is applied to the neoprene so that it experiences little resistance from the water. A drag coefficient of just 0.021 compared to 4.0 for normal wetsuits. As the SCS coating also prevents water absorption, you do not carry any extra weight (in the form of water).
  • - Flexibility: This material is 7 times more flexible than the material of conventional wetsuits.
  • - Heat: Keeps the body warmer in cold waters, avoiding body fatigue.
  • - Eco: Neoprene is derived from limestone, which is a bit more environmentally friendly than petroleum.

Reference: WS21WVIS101

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