Stryd Next Gen Running Potentiometer

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New generation of Stryd. Instant impact on your training.

Stryd is a wearable device that clips to your shoe and communicates with your running watch to mark the power developed during your run, helping you run at the appropriate intensity by alerting you to slow down or speed up in real time.

Perform each race at the appropriate intensity. Run for power.

Stryd is light, durable and safe

The next generation of Stryd delivers incredibly responsive power that truly delivers on the power promise - a metric to guide your run in any condition.

 Now you can more quickly and easily dial in the correct intensity in any running condition with up to 5x improved power responsiveness compared to the previous generation Stryd. The new technology is enabled through a combination of next-generation motion sensors, a newly designed Stryd pod and clip, and an innovative algorithm.

New next-generation Stryd capabilities include:

  • 5x improved responsiveness for the most accurate beat
  • Track lower body stress to stay healthy and maintain your performance
  • New running profiles to match power pace to your training conditions
  • Sprint accuracy for tracking speed work improvements

These new capabilities come from the Next Gen Stryd:

  • improved sensors

  • New advanced materials

  • next generation design


  • Weight

Stryd weighs only 8 grams. It's so light you won't even feel it.

  • connectivity

Stryd connects via ANT+ and BLE so you can connect to all the devices you have.

  • Battery duration

Stryd features a 1-month battery life for typical operating hours or 20+ hours of continuous operation.

  • splash proof

Stryd is splash proof so it can be safely used in the rain. Also, you can easily wash it if it gets dusty.


Main Product Details

  • Compatibility

Deep and broad compatibility with your existing sports watch ecosystem means Stryd works with the tools you already have.

  • Stryd metrics

Power, power of form, leg spring stiffness, ground time, vertical oscillation, cadence, pace, distance.

  • run anywhere

Stryd is compatible with indoor and outdoor running environments, including the treadmill, track, road, and trail.

  • full power

Stryd's Race Power takes into account speed, form, fatigue, gradient and wind to help you master unfamiliar race courses and training routes.


advanced hardware

  • high-tech sensors

Enhanced motion sensors and environmental sensors will allow you to use the environment to your advantage.

  • wind port

Stryd's patented and patent-pending wind port accurately captures a runner's air resistance second by second.

  • more storage

Expanded storage will enable more accurate data collection.

  • Capture the full image

Using state-of-the-art sensors, Stryd accurately captures every run, including high-fidelity sprint data, for a complete picture of who you are as a runner.

  • Up to 5 times the responsiveness

The new generation of Stryd offers incredible responsive power that truly delivers on the power promise - a metric to guide your run in any condition.

wind characteristics

Minimize headwind

With Stryd, you'll avoid pushing yourself too hard and instead run at the right intensity into a headwind. You will maintain an even pace and avoid burnout.

Take advantage of the tailwind

While you can't feel the tailwind, Stryd can. Stryd tells you if you should increase your effort with a tailwind.

openwork strategy

Stryd reports your race power in real time so you know how much power is being saved in drafting so you can follow your training and race plan.




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