Continental Grand Prix 5000 700x23-25-28-30 Tire

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Continental Grand Prix 5000 700x23-25-28-30 Tire

The replacement of an icon of road decks is here; the GP5000 improves on all aspects of the best-selling GP4000SII.

It manages to increase comfort and resistance to punctures (+ 20%), reducing weight and rolling resistance (-12%).


Continental Grand Prix 5000 700x23-25-28-30 Tire

The new queen of road tires, she not only inherits all the attributes that have made the GP4000SII such a myth, she enhances them.

Based on the technologies already used to date, Continental has managed to optimize them to achieve greater lightness, rolling, comfort and resistance to punctures.

The complex technology of the BlackChili Compound compound is made only in the German plant in Korbach, because depending on the application of the tire, the formulation is adjusted specifically for that discipline, to obtain the perfect balance between grip and rolling resistance.

Specialty synthetic rubbers are refined with proven natural rubber for high performance blends; Soot particles are added to these mixtures, which in turn are optimized in shape and properties.

The latest polymers, as well as specially developed carbon black particles, achieve superior adhesion, reducing resistance to advance by 12%.

Lazer Grip; the laser micro-profile structure expands over the sidewalls of the tire and provides excellent turning ability.

Vectran ™ is a high-tech synthetic fiber made from a liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) that is processed into a multi-strand cable; it has enormous tear resistance at a very low weight. It is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than an equivalent nylon reinforcement.

Vectran ™ Breaker does not adversely affect rolling resistance.

The new Active Comfort Technology is a layer of shock-absorbing material composed of elastomers, which softens the ride and absorbs vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride and increasing grip.

Finally, it has a 330 tpi triple layer carcass that gives it lightness, resistance and adherence.

Weight (23/25/28): 205gr. / 220gr. / 250gr.

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