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MTB and Road Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are peculiarly very different from shoes for other sports such as running shoes, where the focus is on cushioning or stability.

Cycling shoes aim to secure the cyclist's foot to the pedals of the bike. It is also important the type of closure of the shoes as they are not traditional equipped with laces but with velcro or microfilaments, where the BOA closure system stands out in cycling shoes.

It is important to have a good ventilation, the long training sessions on the road or mountain make the foot need to breathe.

Let's talk about the types of cycling shoes. There are 2 particularly important types:

    Road cycling shoes
    MTB shoes

Which cycling shoe is better, road bike shoes or mountain bike shoes?

Road bike shoes, as the name suggests, are for use on the road. If you are looking for road cycling shoes men or women road cycling shoes, the Giro cycling shoes offer high quality and durable models.

Some DMT cycling shoes that stand out are the:

    DMT KR3 shoes: They stand out for their lightness and adaptability to the foot.
    DMT KR0 shoes: The top of the range of the firm, the shoe of the winners and conquerors of the highest passes. It stands out for its carbon sole and extreme lightness.

The MTB shoes have similar characteristics to those of footwear, but the sole is composed of lugs that ensure extreme grip on the terrain. You will be able to face the most remote places with this type of shoes.

One of the most outstanding Mtb cycling brands is Sidi, the Italian firm that dresses the most famous riders.

Check out the Sidi Mtb Eagle shoes, a Gravel model presented by the cycling firm with rotating and velcro closures.

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MTB and Road Cycling Shoes!

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