Cycling jackets and windbreaker

The basic equipment of a cyclist in addition to a bicycle jersey, cycling bib tights, helmet, gloves and shoes, must always include a cycling jacket. Cycling jackets have the function of protecting against wind and bad weather, but should not restrict the perspiration of the lower layers or the freedom of movement. The balance between breathability, comfort and good weather protection.

These are normally used in winter as a winter cycling jacket, but it depends on the area and the time of your outings, it is possible to wear a cycling jacket for halftime, which can be stored in one of the pockets of your long sleeve cycling jersey.

The main enemies of a cyclist are rain and wind, so the main function of a bike jacket is to protect the athlete from these meteorological elements. In principle there are two types of bike jackets: the waterproof and the windbreaker. The best waterproof cycling jacket you finde here.

The windproof cycling jacket, as its name suggests, is windproof and breathable, if they are of quality, they can protect from a brief drizzle, but if it is continuous, you will need a waterproof jacket.

The main characteristic of a cycling rain jacket is that it is waterproof as well as breathable.

On the other hand, if the temperatures drop excessively, you can opt for a thermal cycling jacket, these must be breathable while protecting from the wind, and isolating the body from the cold, keeping it at a suitable temperature. When we wear thermal cycling jackets, it makes sense to wear multiple layers underneath like a bike jersey and a short- sleeved or long-sleeved underwear shirts.

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