The best road and MTB bikes

The History of the Bicycle is almost as long as a Tour de France. If we focus on recent history, bikes are no longer just 2 wheels with pedals.

Currently a bicycle can be made up of Cores to Powers ...

You will wonder what bicycle to buy?

Mountain bike? or Road Bike?

MTB Bicycles are those used for the mountains as their name indicates. The frame of a mountain bike is more resistant than usual, the set of wheels is made up of Tubulars , covered with well-known rubber studs that help grip on terrain with unevenness or little grip.

The equipment of a mountain biker is different from that of a road biker. In MTB the helmet does not have an aerodynamic shape, but rather additional protection is sought with a long visor that also covers the sun.

Big brands like Mendiz , they work to achieve a rigid bike with an efficient design.

Road bicycles , so famous and known for the Tour de France, Vuelta España or the Giro d'Italia, are those used to ride on the road or asphalt. The lightness and shape of its frame are completely different from MTB bicycles.

The Cycling Components that a RoadBike can have is very very long but at 365Rider we highlight the importance of the cranksets or the pedals. The pedals are the engine of the bike!

Women's Bicycles change in size with Men's bikes, it is a factor to take into account if you are starting out in cycling and are going to buy a bike at the best price.

The Argon Brand offers great quality and different sizes.

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