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Running shirts are made of breathable materials that will cause the shirt to evacuate sweat and we are as dry as possible even if we sweat during our training.

They are ultra-light in design made out of materials like polyester, polyamide, nylon and elastane. Often made with flat seams to minimize chafing and skin irritation.

There are different types of running shirts: long- sleeveshort-sleeved and sleeveless, depending on the time of year. In cold weather, shirts should be long-sleeved and loose fitting to allow a layer of air to form between them and the skin. If necessary, we can even use two shirts when the cold is very intense, since it is much better than using a single thicker and heavier garment, or we can complement it with a light windbreaker.

When choosing a size, it is better that they fit the body naturally loosely to promote freedom of movement and breathability. The closer the garment is to the skin, the faster the sweat evaporates.

Running in winter or summer is no excuse for not wearing Trail Running shirts in the mountains.

At 365Rider we offer you a wide variety of running shirts for men and women of the best brands:

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