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Main Features Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes

The first body mapping based cycling shoe for road cycling. Unique road shoes offer the perfect balance between support, comfort and breathability.

  • - Weight: 250 gr. (size 42)

Q36.5 Unique Road Shoes Black

The first body mapping based cycling shoe for road cycling.

The sole has been made with a hybrid carbon fiber composite and a "backbone" geometry (inspired by biomimetic engineering), which optimizes stiffness throughout the sole, eliminating excess material. The upper part of the shoe has been designed in one piece, without the classic tongue of other models. The UNIQUE fit the foot like a sock, with an inner shell that is made of a single piece of microfiber, with an innovative three-dimensional fabric.


- The Ideal Last

The search for the perfect cycling shoe began with the design of the ideal last. Data from many pairs of feet was analyzed, collecting the personal experience of a wide variety of athletes, their likes, dislikes and needs regarding the shoes they wore. An exhaustive study was made on the anatomy of the foot, analyzing the optimal curve to obtain the maximum power in each pedal stroke and minimize fatigue. This work, including the experience of many expert cyclists, provided the necessary basis for designing the last. The Q36.5 last is the most innovative idea applied to cycling: the heel, lateral and instep are adjusted to the maximum to fit the foot precisely. The toe box is comfortable and follows the dynamics of the pedaling movement.

- Template

To develop the best chamois, Q36.5 and Elastic Interface® have collaborated to create a new patent. Using the high-density elastic foam used in the Q36.5 chamois to create an innovative, very comfortable insole. It is an insole adaptable to the foot, which works like a viscoelastic foam that adapts to the foot. The insole thus absorbs micro-vibrations from the road, increasing comfort on long-distance routes. If we compare the UNIQUE insole with conventional cycling shoe insoles – and even if we compare them with custom-made orthotic insoles– the Q36.5 insole guarantees 10% less pressure (calculated at the point of greatest pressure).

- The instep

The instep area has been designed following a new pattern in one piece, without the usual tongue of other footwear. In this way, it fits the foot like a sock, thanks to the enveloping natural microfiber interior. This proprietary stretch fabric is highly breathable and works like a cooler for the midfoot. This structure also avoids pressure points with its new closure system. This part of the instep comfortably wraps the foot with the construction based on body mapping, which includes a series of ventilated zones. At just one millimeter thick, microfiber is extremely breathable and prevents overheating. It has reinforcements in the area of the arch of the bridge, to create the support and rigidity necessary for performance.

- BOA® fit

For this avant-garde cycling shoe, Q36.5 was clear that it had to select the best option on the market for the tightening of the UNIQUE shoe. A type of closure that collaborates perfectly with the "sock-like" design of the instep, thus guaranteeing maximum performance. That's why they teamed up with the exclusive BOA® Fit System with a common goal: to create the best fit system for the high-performance cyclist.

UNIQUE shoes come equipped with the new BOA® Li2 closure system. This is the ultimate solution for a precise fit that is quick and easy to handle, as well as being lightweight and low profile, it has proven shock and abrasion resistance. This dial works in both directions for quicker, more intuitive adjustment on the fly. Q36.5 chose to use two dials because it allows maximum control for the rider.

The upper BOA® dial tightening zone ensures an even distribution of fit across the instep, in addition to a frictionless plastic guide. The lower dial activates the forefoot area, where we it uses three BOA® textile guides for ideal control. This performance-focused configuration, combined with innovative design and a unique last, come together to create a truly unique cycling shoe.

- Power Wrap Support

The core of the upper part of the shoe is invisible but essential! In the instep area, a support system is incorporated to maximize power transfer. That area is lined with a thermoplastic material that is molded for a perfect fit while reinforcing the microfiber inside the upper. The Power Wrap surrounds the instep and keeps the foot in place, providing ergogenic support during pedaling and ensuring that not a single watt of power is lost.


Carbon and rubber
Outer material
Composite materials
Interior material
Textile lining
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