Shimano XC300 Olive Green Cycling Shoes

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Shimano XC300 Olive Green

Shimano XC 3 shoes for MTB are designed as a high performance competition garment in the XC - Cross Country mode. The wrap-around upper construction and integrated seamless midsole offer excellent fit, stability and lightness.

Shimano XC300 for MTB

The Shimano XC 3 shoes for MTB are designed as a high-performance competition garment in the XC - Cross Country mode. The construction of the upper, with an integrated structure, and the integrated seamless midsole offer an excellent fit, stability and lightness, as well as allowing optimal breathability and durability thanks to its synthetic leather composition with perforations. The nylon midsole, reinforced with fiberglass, improves power transfer. This midsole is designed with a low profile that stabilizes the foot. The rubber outsole has a XC - Cross Country cycling pattern that allows a stable fit to the pedal and a secure grip when walking. The BOA L6 1-dial closure system allows for a quick and secure fit with a single movement. These shoes feature the Shimano Dynalast last, featuring an upper design with an optimized toe section that promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke.

- Integrated seamless vamp and midsole construction
- Wraparound instep structure reduces overlap and provides a snug fit
- Upper made of perforated synthetic leather that provides an excellent fit and breathability
- BOA L6 1-dial closure system
- Low-profile, lightweight fiberglass-reinforced Nylon midsole to stabilize the foot and maximize power transfer efficiency
- Stiffness index: 5
- Rubber sole with XC - Cross Country cycling pattern that promotes a stable pedal fit and secure grip when walking
- Insole with reinforcement
- Shimano Dynalast last
- Compatible with SPD cleats
- Most suitable pedal: PD-ME700, PD-M520
- Weight (Size 42): 332 g

- Shimano Dynalast
Upper design last with an optimized toe section that promotes a smoother and more energy efficient upstroke. Built in collaboration with pro racers, Shimano Dynalast helps reduce energy loss on long rides.

- BOA L6
Steel cord closure system, nylon guides and a mechanical reel designed to address the long list of deficiencies found in traditional closures. It's a perfect fit with the simple twist, free from the stretch, weight and inconvenience of old-fashioned closures. With this system it improves comfort along with durability, ensures light weight, fast and comfortable operation, and on-the-go adjustment.

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