Charger Sram E-Tap / Axs 4 ports Black

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SRAM 4-port charger for various eTap and AXS batteries

With this SRAM charger you can charge four eTap or AXS batteries at the same time. It has a USB-C connection for wide compatibility and good conductivity. At full capacity, the charger needs about 60 minutes. It's even faster if you use the fast charge function when you want to charge one or two batteries. Especially practical when you want to get out without waiting: in a short time, 1-2 batteries are charged to 75%. You can see the charging status and output power on the LED lights. If you use the charger stationary, you can fix it to the table or the wall.


  • With eTap/ AXS batteries

SRAM AXS 4-Port Magazine Features

  • USB-C connection for improved conductivity and greater compatibility
  • 60 minute charge time for four batteries, faster for one or two
  • LED lights to indicate charging status and power output
  • Bench or wall mountable

Shipping volume:

  • 1 x SRAM 4-speed charger for eTap / AXS
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable
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