Slime 700Cx19-25mm Presta (48mm) Anti-Puncture Tubes

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  • Slime 700Cx19-25mm Presta (48mm) Anti-Puncture Tubes
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Slime 700Cx19-25mm Presta (48mm) Anti-Puncture Tubes

with slime Smart Presta 48 mm Air Chamber you can enjoy your activities without complications. If you like the Slime brand and its cycling products.

  • For 700C tires from 19 to 25mm

Slime Anti-Puncture Chamber is designed with Fibro-Sea technology

The tire slime sealant was developed after the Fibro-Seal technology. For this, a mixture of fibers, binders, polymers and patented coagulating agents that do not harm the environment is used. The fluid carrier substance is automatically collected through the puncture site and permanently seals it with a flexible plug.

product report

  • Brand : SLIME
  • Nature: BIKE CAMERA
  • Subnature : WHEELS 700
  • Discipline: ROAD

Technical characteristics

  • Seal multiple punctures repeatedly for 2 years
  • Seals punctures up to 3mm in the tread
  • It is not toxic or flammable
  • Cleans up with water
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