CLINCHER Tubular Tire Tufo C S33 PRO

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Main Features Tufo C S33 PRO Tubular CLINCHER Tire

The Tufo clincher tire is a revolution since it allows its use and is designed for clincher rims. Now you can enjoy its inflation pressure on your clincher wheels.

Tubular not suitable for tubular rims, as it is a specific product for clincher and inner tube tires.

Tubular Tufo CLINCHER C S33 PRO

Tubular training clincher tire for full use and higher inflation pressure. Its thin tread pattern contributes to its low rolling resistance and improved ride quality.

A tubular clincher, in the same way as a tubular, is pressed against the tire when inflated. Simultaneously, the bead blocks of the profiled rubber tread extend and engage the rim shoulders and eliminate any rotation of the tubular clinchers against the rim, as well as the possibility of ejecting the tubular clincher.

As the tubular clincher is inflated, the sidewall of the tread "digs in" to the shoulders of the tire.


High inflation pressure of up to 12 bar (175 psi) without damaging the rim shoulders, even when the rim manufacturer specifies a lower inflation pressure (the pressure is contained within the tubular clincher and does not affect the rim shoulders). rim); same ride quality as with tubular tires; driving safety in the event of a puncture (the cyclist's stability is not affected), as it allows the tubular clincher to ride even after suffering a puncture; and easier installation and removal without the use of tools.

Valid only for rims with a groove width between 13 and 15mm. ( ETRTO 622x13/15 )

  • - 700x 21mm. Weight: 335gr. Inflation pressure: 8-12 bar
  • - 700x 24mm. Weight: 385gr. Inflation pressure: 6-8 bar
  • - TPI : 60, 90


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