Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon White Black Cycling Shoes

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Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon White Black Shoes

The Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon white black cycling shoes are high-end shoes designed to offer maximum stability and performance on your road outings. They have an adjustable plantar support system, an ultra-light carbon sole and a BOA closure that guarantees an optimal fit. Discover the advantages of these innovative and comfortable shoes that will make you enjoy your passion for cycling to the fullest.

Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon cycling shoes white black

If you are looking for road cycling shoes that offer you the best combination of stability, lightness and comfort, the Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon white black cycling shoes are your ideal choice. These sneakers have unique features that make them stand out from the rest.

Adjustable plantar support system

The most innovative element of these shoes is the adjustable plantar support system, called Dynamic Arch Support 2.0, which adapts to the anatomy of each cyclist to offer personalized support to the arch of the foot. This system prevents the foot from moving inside the shoe and improves power transfer to the pedal. Additionally, it helps prevent injuries and discomfort caused by poor foot alignment.

Ultralight carbon sole

The sole of these shoes is made of carbon, a material that provides great rigidity and lightness. The sole has a stiffness index of 10 out of 10, which means that no energy is lost when pedaling and you get the most out of each pedal stroke. The sole also has an aerodynamic design that reduces air resistance and improves speed. In addition, the sole is compatible with the SPD-SL and Look pedal systems, the most used in road cycling.

BOA Closure

The closure of these shoes is the BOA system, a rotating mechanism that allows you to adjust the tension of the instep with precision and ease. The BOA closure has several advantages: it adapts to the shape of the foot, does not loosen with use, does not create pressure points and can be adjusted on the fly. The BOA closure is made of strong and durable materials that guarantee a long service life.

Design and comfort

The Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon white black cycling shoes have an elegant and modern design, with a predominant white color and black and yellow details. The outer material is polyurethane (PU), a synthetic material that offers good resistance to wear and humidity. The interior material is leather, a natural material that provides softness and breathability. The heel has a reinforcement that prevents the foot from slipping and improves stability. The toe has a protection that prevents friction with the ground and impacts. The insole is removable and washable, making hygiene and maintenance easy.

In short, the Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon white black cycling shoes are ideal shoes for the most demanding cyclists who want to improve their performance and comfort on their road trips. Don't wait any longer and get them at the best price in our online store.

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